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  • Hi!
    I wasn't really into forums but i might give it a try. :thinking:

    Yesterday I published my first mod, LotteryMod that allows players to try their luck in famous lottery cards, including Lotto, Scratch cards, but also Tower game which is more likely idea I came up with that I don't think has its counterpart.

    Here in this post i will talk about what this mod has to offer and what I plan to add in future updates.

    So first off, every convenience store in the game that has option to buy snacks from, automatically has option to play lottery. It also works the same way as buying snacks. You press the button, menu opens and u have 3 (currently) different cards to choose from, you need bare minimum of cash to buy them and thats when fun begins.

    So the first thing, it might be very obvious but in first card,
    Lotto, you pick 6 numbers out of 49 possible, you can buy many cards and pick 6 different combinations for each one to increase your chances. Winning numbers are drawn at 18:00 every in game day. Player then recieves notification that summarizes all of numbers hit correctly, and wins cash depending on how many correct numbers you hit in single card.
    Prizes for accurate hits in Lotto are:

    • 5 GTA$ for 1x
    • 50 GTA$ for 2x
    • 500 GTA$ for 3x
    • 2500 GTA$ for 4x
    • 20000 GTA$ for 5x
    • 250000 GTA$ for 6x

    In every card, you can see the big prize of 250.000 GTA$ which is
    the maximum prize you can win from single card from all of them.

    Scratch card has 15 different symbols that could appear in 3x3 grid, on the right side you can see what is the prize for hitting 3 same symbols in one line. This line can be vertical, horizontal, diagonal and if a symbol is already making a line, it still can lead to another which sums up the total win!
    In this case, the big prize of 250.000 GTA$ is given to players who manage to hit any of 4 red colored fruits in every single field.

    Tower game is a little more complicated, but it's for people who don't like spending a lot of money wishing for low chance outcome, its for strategic players with idea of how to actually earn some cash playing this card. Tower starts at the bottom, player has 4 different fields to choose from, one is a WIN, all other 3 are LOSES, each time you hit a win, you go up in tower with bigger prizes, you can stop and reedem what u got up to at any time, or risk another 25% chance. If you miss, you lose everything.

    Now when i explained how every game work, I'll share my plans for future updates, just want to mention i have discord server, I'll be glad for anyone to report bugs, send ideas or just talk with me in here, it motivates to work as I then see if my work brings attention to people.

    First thing, more cards i went to store one day and bought like 15 different scratch cards, (for educational purpose) and I'll use them as inspiration to make more types of it, same with Lotto and tower game, if someone has idea of another type of game, go ahead and post it, it's Really helpful for me.

    Also, I want to make Card creator where people can upload their own graphics, custom fields, like for e.x you want to make 3x12 scratch cards, no problem, as much customization as possible, I'd like to see people sharing their cards between each other to play with.

    I think that's everything i wanted to talk in here, let me know what you think!

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