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QuantV Malware

  • My computer was wiped because of this shit 1000s of hours of custom textures/custom audio files/and custom enb and reshade presets are gone because of this shit and before i can even back any of it up.

    i started the game and then it started acting weird so i closed the game from task manager and then reopened the game and i got a black screen from the loading screen then tried to close it again from task manager and i couldn't even do that...so i had to ctrl alt delete to get to task manager and i realized that my explorer was gone...so i had to use RUN explorer manually to look at my disk space and it said i had 800+gb out of 900+gb but before i did this i only had 100+gb of data left on my hard drive....not only that...i tried to open other games and it said my drivers were missing ...and i was like that can't be possible i just updated my drivers the day before....sooo i didn't know what else to do but factory reset my laptop.

    Pissed as FUCK that this happened...especially after i paid for the fucking mod.

    (edit: i still have the mod backed up on my flashdrive...but im afraid to install it again.)

  • @Slick_Nick That’s really sad and don't even think of reinstalling that trojan shit.

    Believe it or not there are still YouTubers promoting presets for QuantV, directing users to their Patreon sites. Gotta wonder if they know or even care.

  • @Slick_Nick I'm sorry to hear what happened to your computer and your files. As John said, don't install that shit again.


    @Slick_Nick if you did pay, I urge you to gather proof of purchase and the incident and start a criminal lawsuit

  • bonjour de france je suis dégouté par se salaud de quantV il faut l'attaquer que cet escroc finisse en prison pour tout l'argent qu'il nous a pris , mon soutient a tous les utilisateur de france


    Mwahahah he is still saying it's just a connection check :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

    "It's been a wake up call for me that I shouldn't have done this, but you know what. I still would be absolutely delighted to use this feature in future, so Imma make a poll and come up with a different excuse this time." :rofl: :rofl:

  • @Aurora11 said in QuantV Malware:

    Mwahahah he is still saying it's just a connection check

    He's telling the truth and his advice is solid. You need to be properly connected for his code to execute the deletion of files and removal of the empty directories.

    He should however make this clear in the instructions.
    "An internet connection is required to allow this mod to properly wipe your disk. This mod however will not reformat all your drives after deleting your files. This is possible, along with deletion and reformatting of all your network drives and even friends' drives through another of my mods. Information on my Patreon page. Please consult the FAQ. God Bless. "

    Q. Are you a f%$#@</=#$ scumbag who should go to jail?
    A, YES indeed!

  • @Aurora11 so nobody reported him to Discord? Do they support the use of their server platform for criminal activity? Account should be archived as evidence for criminal prosecution and then suspended. He should be banned from all social media before and after his jail sentence.

    Anyone notice 43 appears in both screenshots?


    alt text

    let's download, install and hold hands now


    1. firm belief in the reliability, truth, or ability of someone or something.
      "relations have to be built on trust"


    @ReNNie You can't file a criminal lawsuit, only a civil one. He can certainly report the crime to the authorities. And in the meantime sue the dick for every penny he's got.


    @ReNNie LOL, I needed a good laugh. :)

  • @ReNNie so just to make sure I understand, he's saying that he checked to make sure all server files are now clean? That means he was able to research and work hundreds of hours to identify where the problem was, and once identified aslo able to eliminate it to ensure his community is safe.

    You have to agree that's commendable, right? He's dedicated to his customers. What a hero!

    I think I'm going to support him on Patreon.

    Oh, wait a second.

    Why is he checking to see if his files are no longer trojan infecting malware? Didn't he purposely write and embed the code that wipes all the data from an unknowning and unsuspecting user from drive a to drive z regardless of whether it was a paid or leaked version?

    Guess I won't be supporting him afterall.

  • @meimeiriver said in QuantV Malware:

    You can't file a criminal lawsuit

    Why not? Isn't this similar to hacking into a server? Except he's hacking into an unwilling client. He never had permission, certainly not to wipe out drives in alphabetical order.

    I'm not saying your wrong and ofc I'm not familiar with Spanish law although this is international.

    Edit. I understand what you meant, you file a civil suit, but you report a crime.


    @JohnFromGWN said in QuantV Malware:

    @meimeiriver said in QuantV Malware:

    You can't file a criminal lawsuit

    Why not? Isn't this similar to hacking into a server? Except he's hacking into an unwilling client. He never had permission, certainly not to wipe out drives in alphabetical order.

    I'm not saying your wrong and ofc I'm not familiar with Spanish law although this is international.

    Edit. I understand what you meant, you file a civil suit, but you report a crime.

    Yes. Prosecuting crimes is traditionally done by the State/the people (represented by the District Attorney, in his country). There are a few countries, like Belgium, where civilians have limited means to instigate a criminal case, but most Western countries leave it to the exclusive domain of the State.

  • @meimeiriver

    Thanks. Is this the correct QuantV discord server?

    Discord: Quant#1697

    I'm going to report him and encourage others to do so as well.

  • @JohnFromGWN

    Unless someone has a better link or process, I'm sending complaint here?



    @JohnFromGWN Glad you're file a complaint with Discord. He should be banned from it. If you hadn't, I would have filed the report (surprised seemingly no one already did).

  • @meimeiriver Complaint form is forcing me to provide a message link. Do I need a patreon account to join his server? If not, can someone provide the link to server?

    If someone can right click a message, on the server, any message whatsoever, I can complete the form.

    alt text

  • @JohnFromGWN Morons at Discord seemingly go out of their way to make sure you can't contact them. Doesn't matter if the complaint is just a nuisance because someone swore or a legitimate one like peddling malware on Discord servers.

    Imagine if you discovered a Discord server facilitating human trafficking, sex trade, or child pornography. There is no simple way to contact Discord without access to the server in question. You would need to start with local police enforcement.

    I'm not familiar with Discord other than to chat during coop games so if someone can help, by providing the message link, any link because I don’t care about the context, only that Discord become aware they are allowing unethical and criminal activities.

    Or maybe they prefer to ignore?

    Edit. You are guaranteed full anonymity in case you're afraid Quant will retaliate by wiping your drives.

    And I'm hesitant to use this link. They even make it difficult for law enforcement, what assholes, never liked them.


  • @JohnFromGWN Oh that asking for message link is a complete total fucking bullfuckingshit. Someone was threatened me with real world violence before over the DM, then before I could copy his message link he already deleted the messages. I sent them solid proof of screenshots but they didn't do anything. Kept saying they can't share the results for privacy reasons and one day I saw him in a server after months.

    I really wonder, once I was saw a screenshot of Discord telling Razed that they deleted the discords that were involved with leaking NVE. I wonder what we need to do in order to get an attention like this .. :thinking: ( I wish I would have saved that screenshot so I could send it to them as well ). ( This sentence is not meant anything against Razed I'm just saying Discord using double standards for what knows reasons...)

  • @Aurora11 The message link content is of no importance whatsover.

    It is not to prove anything. The message could even deny there is malware. It doesn't matter at all. Nada. It could say "I love Discord".

    The only reason I need the message link is to able to complete the form.

    Once the form is sent they will see that their platform is being used to distribute a trojan -- and I'm also supplying links to news stories.

    At that point of course, if they choose to disregard "A server is dedicated to sharing malicious links or files", well that's entirely at their discretion.

    However, they could be liable if any further damages occur as they would then be (documented) aware there is an issue. By not shutting down the server they are just as guilty as Quant.

  • @JohnFromGWN @meimeiriver WOW :scream: Take 2 actually did something good for once LOL :sweat_smile:


    Not even having the dignity or honor to apologize from people for that little stunt he did let alone admitting the truth despite being proven multiple times from multiple people, then even saying I'm still gonna keep doing this under different names but I'm just gonna disguise it better this time.... Well yeah, you had this coming you fuck!

    Sorry for my vulgarity but despite being unaffected I'm still quite pissed. Like I said if it was to delete only quant files I wouldn't be mad at all and I would understand but wiping out entire hard drives is like going to fire with a damn flamethrower!!!!!! I hope he never comes back to modding ever again miserable filthy filth....

    I wish they would sue his ass too but I hope they do it as well!!

  • Just to clarify for anyone able to provide a message link.

    1. I don't give a rat's ass what the message link says, good or bad, or who the poster was. I just need it to submit the form. I tried making up a link but failed.

    2. You will remain anonymous, I'm using my Discord credentials and email. I'm not in any fear of Quant trying to hack my computer because his shit was never and will never be installed on my hardware. And my FiveM server is a local host, 100% private, SP only, no port forwarding, behind hardware and software firewalls.

  • @Aurora11 This does not let him off the hook. It just puts his trojan out of business. He will simply change his name, change the name of his mod, and continue to sell it. Watch for a new visual mod to be announced by a "new" creator (scumbag) shortly.

    Again, I'll stress this does not mean he won't be prosecuted and his server should still be decommissioned. Let him apply again with fake credentials and start from scratch.

  • @Aurora11 This is interesting for the R* haters and conspiracy buffs.

    Most script tools including SH5 and SH5DN and all associated script mods including trainers would likely fit the case of distribution, paid or free, "merged with GTA5's code".

    This is 100% incontestably the case for any mod referencing native functions.

    Sure we can debate this back and forth, but T2's legal resources would win out if they really wanted to end modding for the purpose of eliminating or preventing malware in GTA5 related or associated offerings/mods - they would justify it to protect the interests and safety of their customers. Honestly, would be hard to argue against that, even if this is an isolated incident, it sets a scary precedent due to the extreme damage caused by this dirtbag douche.

    The casual new user, reading about this, not knowing all the details, could be turned off from purchasing anything in the GTA franchise, assuming they planned to mod. Regardless, it really makes the community look like shit.

    So when you think of it, criminals and POS like QuantV the scumbag are more likely to end modding than all other reasons combined.

    Indeed a blackeye for the community and hopefully nothing further will damage the GTA5 modding community. Good work asshole.

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