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QuantV Malware

  • @JohnFromGWN Precisely. A punishment like this is like giving him a candy...... He seriously needs to go to jail because this is not a simple thing, correct me if I'm wrong but distributing malware falls under cyber crime.

    Patreon should also have sued him as well for using their platform to sell malware infected content... And yes, it will be just as easy for him to make a new account and come up with a different name in a few weeks. This time with new excuses and better disguises .. and seeing that he denied everything and even said he will continue doing this in future tells me he is not gonna learn from this and become and honest honored man either...

    and yeah, he also gave a great opportunity to T2 as well. Back then whatever their claim was the point was always to take away something that is given to players. But now they can make the point to protect their playerbase like you said, and even protect their software as well so it can't be used as a bridge to mass distribute malicious content...

    This is truly a bad time for modding now all because of his sick brain.... I'm hoping they instead bring regulations to truly protect the players like denying any kind of encrypted and non open source files, maybe also denying these mods' external connections as well, but yeah, knowing T2 they never even cared their gta online playerbase so I'm super heavily doubtful (even pretty damn sure) they will give 2 f... about modder playerbase..... but yeah, of course they will sell it in the court as to "protect their beloved and respected playerbase and their assets"... and knowing how justice system works, they would very likely to pass this in the court quite easily .. Because those justice system is not civilized enough to hear out or care us the players....

    and also yes indeed again, now many people can just stop modding their gta altogether since they will never feel fully safe anymore...

  • @Aurora11 said in QuantV Malware:

    @JohnFromGWN Precisely. A punishment like this is like giving him a candy...... He seriously needs to go to jail because this is not a simple thing, correct me if I'm wrong but distributing malware falls under cyber crime.

    Definitely a crime. Keep in mind T2 steered away from the criminal issue, their stated position was to protect their IP.

    As for Patreon or Discord, i doubt they give a shit.

    One final note, T2 doesn't need anyone's permission to end modding. Their IP is protected and there won't be any legal challenge if they choose to prevent modding through legal or technological means.

    Sure FiveM could try to sue using unfair competition or a similar bullshit argument but T2 would laugh about it. Once more they own the game and they could indeed justify it to their customer base.

    This isn't a case of an OIV overwriting a dlclist.xml. This is an almost inconceivably vicious and premeditated attack on personal property, the product of a very sick individual who for the safety of the community should be in jail with similarly minded cyber terrorist aholes.

    Once more imagine the potential loss of Rockstar sales because potential new buyers, getting the game for its modding capacity, forgo the purchase on the grounds modding is unsafe. I'll tell you even myself, my convictions not to install scripts or executables is stronger than ever.


    @Aurora11 said in QuantV Malware:

    @JohnFromGWN @meimeiriver WOW :scream: Take 2 actually did something good for once LOL :sweat_smile:


    Not even having the dignity or honor to apologize from people for that little stunt he did let alone admitting the truth despite being proven multiple times from multiple people, then even saying I'm still gonna keep doing this under different names but I'm just gonna disguise it better this time.... Well yeah, you had this coming you fuck!

    Sorry for my vulgarity but despite being unaffected I'm still quite pissed. Like I said if it was to delete only quant files I wouldn't be mad at all and I would understand but wiping out entire hard drives is like going to fire with a damn flamethrower!!!!!! I hope he never comes back to modding ever again miserable filthy filth....

    I wish they would sue his ass too but I hope they do it as well!!

    Looks more like he's trying to save face: "Evil T2 took my awesome mod offline." Riiiight. Funny how T2 never went after the other thousands of GTV modders.

    Or they actually got him to stop. Either way, Good F*cking Riddance.

  • @meimeiriver said in QuantV Malware:

    @Aurora11 said in QuantV Malware:

    @JohnFromGWN @meimeiriver WOW :scream: Take 2 actually did something good for once LOL :sweat_smile:


    I was on his Patreon page and there are actual comments, perhaps fake/manufactured, exonerating him and/or discrediting the claims against him. He should be banned from Patreon, YT, Discord, FB, all social media pending his conviction.

  • @meimeiriver Pre-f*cking-cisely!!

    @JohnFromGWN Exactly! It's mindblowing how there are so many dumb people that are willingly to defend such shit which could even blow to everyone too...

  • Amusing and sad quotes on Reddit.


    Pirated copies of QuantV has capability to format your hard drive

    3 response comments below



    Every single copy of QuantV since August contains a trojan virus that gives the cunt scum bitch that is Quant access to your computer files.

    Never in a million years have I ever even thought of the concept of paying for a virus.

    Literally just lost my gaming laptop to this. Looping BSOD and “inaccessible boot device”, which I suspected was GTA V because it was AFTER closing a session.


    @JohnFromGWN maybe V is the Virus, surely can't be good old Quant, he's been such an exemplary dev


  • The dev of QuantV must hate romanians really badly lmao, but why...

  • @OmegAlex10 romanian.txt doesn't exist by default, although i'm not sure why he picked that name for it in particular, it could be any language so it doesn't look suspicious


    simplifiedchinesetotallynotsuspicious would stand out too much

  • @HeySlickThatsMe said in QuantV Malware:

    not sure why he picked that name

    I'm not an expert but why bother even try to understand the inner workings and motivations of a warped and depraved mind of a very sick individual, a sociopath and psychopath. There are thankfully solutions for such individuals, in my country we call them penitentiaries, or more simply jails. He can reflect on what he did and maybe one day be safely reintegrated in society, perhaps in a job where he can joyfully ask clients "would you like some fries with your order?"

  • Just a slightly off topic but important note.

    Quant is from Spain but the correct pronunciation of his name is not at all what you would expect.

    The Q is indeed pronounced like the English K. For example "what" in Spanish is the word "que". This is pronounced like "Kay" in English.

    However, in Quant's case the correct pronunciation, and please use it in any verbal discussion or exchange, is Kunt.

    As in Quant is a Kunt.

    Or in Spanish: él es muy kunt.

    Exactly the same sound as another English word which describes him perfectly.


    @JohnFromGWN An upvote for lulz. :)

  • So I installed QuantV today and didn't notice all the drama about it until now. The only thing that happened was my game crashed during loading when I had the mod installed. a few hours later when I was doing something else I came back to my pc, got rid of that shit, and tried to see if there was anything else left from the mod. So I booted the game again and it loaded up fine. But I noticed that nothing happened to my pc and it made me suspicious. Do you think I should check for anything else? Because I didn't really see any files deleted or anything weird happen.

  • @godWHYme You were just lucky :slight_smile: If you haven't deleted your gta 5 entirely, check x64\data\errorcodes and see is there a file called romanian.txt . If there is, the next time you boot your game with quant installed your hard drives will be wiped.

    Since you said your game crashed at the first launch, it makes me believe it already wrote the txt file there (assuming it wasn't a normal crash). Although since quant doesn't modify much files, it is very unlikely your game can do a normal ordinary crash.

  • @MissySnowie I didn't find anything in the errorcodes file and i already deleted the mod before I launched the game a second time.

  • The fixed august version is out but you have to download it on his discord channel he had no choice but to give it away for free....I downloaded it on a fresh install computer and it works fine now.....still sucks what he did because my computer got wiped because of the previous august build with the drive wiper in it....im still mad he said it was a optional thing for modders to use....but the people who paid like I did with no modding knowledge and just wanted my game to look good was not aware of said code.

  • @Slick_Nick said in QuantV Malware:

    he said it was a optional thing for modders to use

    Well of course it was an option.
    Not everyone wants to have their hard drives and all their files deleted by a piece of shit named Quant.
    Unfortunately you didn't realize having your files erased was optional.

    Piece of advice. Always uncheck the box that says do you wish to have your drives wiped. If not you might regret it.

    I can't believe anyone would reinstall that shit. Unbelievable. I'm guessing you will continue to give donations to his legal team too?

  • @JohnFromGWN Oh no I been stopped after that bullshit it was a one time purchase not monthly like other people do...hell I even got a refund from my bank because I told them it was an accidental purchase...never spending anything on Quant again....or any patreon ever again....sad how one douche can ruin it for other good modders.

  • @Slick_Nick said in QuantV Malware:

    ..never spending anything on Quant again..


  • so how can someone implement a code into their mod to wipe your entire computer and not notice it?

  • @godWHYme said in QuantV Malware:

    so how can someone implement a code into their mod to wipe your entire computer and not notice it?


    That's what Quant set out to do.
    He hid the malicious code, effectively creating what is called a trojan, undetectable by anti-viral software.
    The code itself was remarkably simple. It used a windows command that exists on all windows computers that is meant to remove empty directories (folders) with two additional parameters called switches. One to delete files in the folders and one to allow execution without the user needing to confirm if he or she wanted to proceed with the wipes.

    Because users can have multiple drives and partitions, he also made sure that all drives from A to Z would be wiped.

    He also had a rectangle appear on the user's screen to minimize the chance a user would realize what was happening.

    So even a 10 year old could plant this in a script, unknown to the user.

  • @godWHYme It was never discovered until someone who "cracked" the mod had their drives wiped and notified everybody else, saying QuantV is the cause, that's when people started investigating the internals of the mod

    There was no point to investigate before that because nobody thought it would contain something malicious, the code was there for a month and as I said, since nobody got their drives wiped, no one was aware of such things being inside the files

    Similarly how Angry Planes & Noclip mods back then contained a virus but nobody knew about it, until a fuck ton of people downloaded it

    That is, unless you're talking about QuantV himself "not noticing it" then that's just bullshit as he's trying to protect his rep, and protect himself against leakers by implementing this shit in the first place which is a horrible way of doing it

  • For anyone reading this thread who has become apprehensive, worried about getting more than they bargained for after installing a mod, good......you should be a little scared, and definitely more cautious.

    Any downloaded mods, particularly leaked mods and pirated versions of GTA5, can contain a virus (they replicate) or malware in general such as the hidden trojan kiddie script in QuantV.

    How can you protect yourself? Continue to use your antiviral/Anti-Malware software but remember they aren't foolproof, they would not have detected the QuantV malicious code. Most importantly don't install anything you're unsure about.

    Which mods are dangerous?
    Generally speaking any entity including peds, vehicles, and props are safe provided they don't have scripts. This is true for SP but not for FiveM and similar servers. In fact FiveM is a much more dangerous environment because of lua files. On the other side of the coin, any dlc.rpf is safe as are all the GTA5 files that start with y, such as ydd, ytd, ymt, ycd, ytyp, yft, etc.

    To make a long story short, the files to be the most careful with are:

    1. The garden variety executable files. They end (extensions) in exe, bat, com, but other files can also do damage, for example reg which are files that when double clicked update the windows registry. This isn't meant to be a complete list because depending on your windows security configuration there could also be vb and powershell extensions.

    Warning 1: You need to have the option checked, in windows explorer, to view file extensions.
    Warning 2: be wary, particularly in email attachments, of files with long file names and two extensions. For example a file called TheseAreMyVacationPics.jpg is safe, while TheseAreMyVacationPics.jpg.exe isn't.

    1. Asi files. Trainers like Menyoo and Simple Trainer and ENT have been around long enough to be considered extremely safe. Menyoo even allows its source code to be customized. Of course some sick individual could put malware in Menyoo code, recompile it, and upload it as a Menyoo update or new Trainer and provide a mediafire link. Other asi mods could be harmful.

    2. Dll. The file type used by the QuantV trojan. Thankfully these compiled scripts can be decompiled to plain text and inspected.

    This is a free tool to decompile dlls. Obviously only download tools like this from the original site, after doing your research, and scanning them for viruses, as you would any software downloads.


    1. Lua. Mostly used in FiveM but also SP. They are plain text, easy to inspect, so do so. Look in particular for os.execute command.

    2. OIV installers. Don't use them.

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