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Any way to get vehicle local transforms during game?

  • Basically, we're developing a vehicle-agnostic simulation platform with 10 degrees of freedom and we thought GTA 5 would serve as a good game to test our system. If we could only get the relative location and rotation data of the player's vehicle, we could calibrate our system to read it and adjust itself.

    We can build the interior of a car on the platform and when the player is driving the vehicle inside the game, all movements will be realistic, the vehicle tips over? Player will find themselves upside down in real life too. hehe.

    A prototype is in development which is planned to be geared towards a multitude of uses from military training simulators to gamers who can afford it. The prototype is almost ready and we'd rather spend time hooking up an existing game to the system than to spend a month building a test game in Unreal Engine for it.

    Help appreciated.

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  • using c++ scripthookv 'get entity quaternion' or rotation, google search alloc8or native db. basic tutorial:

    how you will transfer the data to your application idk, but with c++ its probably possible

  • thank you

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