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Regarding QuantV, the DRM malware within, and 5-Mods


    In recent events it was discovered that new versions of the QuantV graphics mod (July 2022 and later) contain malicious code.

    July 2022 and later builds of QuantV contain a license key (listed under Desaturate Radius inside enbseries/enbeffect.fx.ini). When a license key appears in a leak, the author removes that key from a list of valid keys on his server. These builds also contain code (inside QuantV.asi and enbhelper.dll) to connect to this external server and check validity of this key. If the ID is not listed as valid, this code will attempt to delete every file on all attached storage devices including your Operating System drive. Many users have already reported losing vast amounts of data.
    If you are using one of these affected versions it is highly advised that you uninstall it from your game immediately. It is not yet known if simply deleting QuantV.asi and enbhelper.dll is enough. Don't become a victim!

    Due to this, links of any kind to QuantV will no longer be allowed on the site. Links in most uploads have already been removed, however if you find any that have been missed please report them. Thank you all for your understanding and help in keeping our community safe.

    For more details, please see:

  • But just the total virus scans shows that on the July version it does not detect malware and on the August version it detects malware (the famous backdoor) also people using the July version (some people more experienced than me ex: some moderators of the Game Source discord server) They said they had no problems so my question is this: Is the July version not safe? Should we uninstall it too? and When you say uninstall you mean use the uninstall IOVs provided by the QuantV creator or delete the Root modded folder from GTA V?

    If this topic is banned then just withdraw my answer as I am new so I do not know all the rules of this forum.

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