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Online modding

  • This has most likely been asked a few times but can you mod the online mode story mode is fine but does not let me load into online with saying playing an altered version thank you for any help

  • @One10

    In your root folder, where GT5.exe and the game is installed, is a file called dinput8.dll.
    Temporarily rename this file or temporarily move it out of the root/game folder.
    Your game will now play without mods, allowing you to go online.


  • Thank you for the reply so I can have all mods installed still and play story mode once I remove that file Is there a way that I can still use the modded cars and that online mode aswell or no way possible if I can’t how are people managing to drive customs vehicles online that I’ve seen is it a certain mod menu or something thank you

  • @One10 I don't know much about GTAO but generally speaking you can't use mods downloaded from this site online. The custom cars you see on GTAO were either purchased or some users are using cheat menus which definitely could get you banned.

    With dinput8.dll renamed you can safely go online and still keep all your mods. If you try to go online without renaming it you will get a warning and will be prevented from going online (which also keeps you from getting banned).

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