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simple, uninstall liberty city remix. its probably because of the anti piracy thing

  • @DividedReal6996

    Why would you create a separate thread to post a reply? Reverse hijack?

    Your answer is pure conjecture and basically moronic, no it's beyond moronic. Meant to scare community?

    Yeah, that's exactly what happened at a Rockstar anti-piracy meeting. They brainstormed ways to install malware when developing GTA 4. They even hired a professional virus author named Quant as a consultant.

    Their first choice was to upload versions of LC with a rootkit. Quant however argued it should be a dll to wipe disks. His suggestion was too drastic and was fired. Apparently he went on to create other mods to realize his dream.

    Eventually the team at Rockstar settled on breaking the pause menu functionality in GTA 4 and Tales of LC. This would teach users of pirated software a lesson they would never forget.

    I purchased the LC game on Steam legitimately, yet I've been stuck on the pause menu for several years now. I never got to play the game. As you can see, not only pirates were affected.

    When LC was ported as a GTA 5 mod, the creators left the pause menu trojan in, out of respect for Rockstar, even though their mod was free. I also installed the mod for GTA5 and it deleted Michael and Trevor. I can only play as Franklin now.

    OK with that out of the way, words of caution for anyone who installs mods, particularly pirated/leaked, be aware that any dll or asi or exe or .com or .bat can host malware or just execute file or folder deletes, installed manually or OIV etc. For FiveM users and some SP users that includes lua too.

    And yes there are many other viral sources like scripts, in many programming languages, and no your antivirus or malwarebytes won't catch them.

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