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SteamDeck and OpenIV

  • Hello,

    I would like to know if there was another way to replace vehicles in the game than with OpenIV through the file explorer ?

    If not, is the OpenIV team planning to develop a version of their software for Linux ? I would like to modify the vehicles on my SteamDeck but I haven't found any solution for the moment.

    Thank you for your help !

  • @Razor_RS6 said in SteamDeck and OpenIV:

    replace vehicles in the game

    If there was we wouldn't need OpenIV. From Windows Explorer you can install addons (dlc.rpf folders) but you can't replace vehicles inside a dlc.rpf. RPFs are encrypted archives so you can't extract them or unzip them as you would normally do.

    OpenIV allows us to make modifications that the OS alone can't.

    As for a Linux version, best to ask the OpenIV team directly as they don't seem to be present here. Given the user base for GTA5 is predominantly Windows, why would they?

    Not to mention all the issues you would likely get doing a half assed installation of GTA5 on Linux and getting the dot net framework to work on Linux as well for scripting.

    Best results for a modded GTA5 is to install it and play it as intended, not on SteamDeck and definitely not on Linux.

  • @JohnFromGWN

    Thanks for your answer, I think it's still too early but the release of the SteamDeck has brought a lot of PC gamers back to Linux, so it's possible that the team that manages the development of OpenIV will make a native Linux version.

    And the game runs perfectly well on it thanks to Proton, playing on Linux is not as complicated as it used to be.

    I'll wait no worries but I'm sure that one day soon it will be possible. 👍

  • @Razor_RS6

    If you just want to play GTA5, you'll probably be fine on a SteamDeck - although you'll miss out due to the display size. However if you catch the modding bug you'll definitely want a desktop PC. Personally, mobile and portables are not the way I want to play any game.

  • I don't have a Steam Deck but you can run OpenIV on linux, it's kinda janky since you're gonna have to install .oiv files manually but works well enough for me. Create a new wine prefix for OpenIV, run winetricks on it, click select default wineprefix, Install Windows DLL or component, and pick d3dcompiler_43, d3dcompiler_47, d3dx11_43, d3dx9_43, d3dx9, dotnet40, dotnet472, mfc42, msxml6 and vcrun2019. click ok on the several messages that show up and wait for all the installers to complete. Then run the OpenIV installer with wine using that prefix and run the OpenIV exe with that same prefix once it's done.
    This is how i got OpenIV to run on Arch Linux, hope it also works with the Deck. Game runs perfect btw, nowadays Linux is pretty competent for gaming, Valve wouldn't have used it for the Deck otherwise.

  • @splelps7 said in SteamDeck and OpenIV:

    it's kinda janky since you're gonna have to install .oiv files manually

    That's actually a blessing. Imagine actually paying attention to what you install instead of letting the OIV overwrite your gameconfig.xml and dlclist.xml and other custom files.

  • @JohnFromGWN true that, it might be tedious to install big mods, but it's always good to have control over whats happening. The janky part is that it fucks up your game if you do try to run the .oiv (even if you're using the mods folder!) and you have to verify integrity of game files, so I gotta give them this warning lol.

  • @JohnFromGWN

    Honestly, the SteamDeck is a PC, if you plug it into a PC monitor with a dock and switch to desktop mode with a mouse and keyboard, it's literally a PC, the only difference is SteamOS which is arch based, it doesn't come with windows, but I can install windows on it if I want but I'm not interested because I lose all the interest of the SteamOS interface which is a big strength in my opinion.

    Now that forces me to have to do more work to use some windows compatible software, there are some games already moddable on the SteamDeck (like PES2021) with guides to use the modding software supposed to work on windows, for GTA V and OpenIV it's not the case yet and I check the SteamDeck Subreddit regularly about it but nobody has managed to make it work yet, there's one who succeeded in installing thanks to Wine but when he launches the game he has a .dll module error, I think it should not take long for a working hack to come out.

  • @splelps7 having control is particularly true after the QuantV shitshow.

    If you can't decompile, depose it in shit pile.

  • @splelps7

    Thanks for your answer, I'm going to try it this way and see how it goes!

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