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Menyoo doesn't work after vanilla

  • So i already have my mods and they're running smooth. As soon as i install vanilla menyoo just won't work. My files(gameconfig etc) are all up to date, so what could be wrong?

  • @space550 said in Menyoo doesn't work after vanilla:

    vanilla menyoo

    Vanilla Menyoo doesn't cause any issues with mods when properly installed, unlike Chocolate and Strawberry Menyoo which are known to be problematic. Make sure you have all the proper ingredients based on the recipe that comes with Menyoo.

  • Followed all the instructions provided by the creators, tried different things and i can't figure it out. Don't know what else might work. I'll just do a total uninstall-reinstall...

  • @space550

    Your issue is unclear.
    First let's clear up a few things.
    There is no such thing as vanilla Menyoo. It doesn't come in flavors.
    Menyoo doesn't need gameconfig.xml or any other mod. It needs scripthookv.dll and dinput8.dll.
    Reinstalling your game won't solve any issues with Menyoo.

    What exactly is the issue?
    Is it Menyoo won't open with F8?
    Is it Menyoo crashes?
    Where did you download Menyoo from?
    Did you, on the advice of a moron, replace dinput8.dll with another version?
    Do you have F8 key binding for another mod?
    Where did you install Menyoo? Please provide screenshot.
    Please provide contents of asiloader.log.
    Is your game pirated?

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