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how to Pack many add-on vehicle mods so that it becomes only 1 dlc.rpf

  • i want to add several cars in one dlc.rpf but i don't know how can anyone help me solve this problem so i can pack all the car mods i have into 1 dlc only

  • @jetx2000

    Are you doing this because your game is crashing or you're preparing a mod pack or you have free time?

    I think there are mods and tutorials to help you do this.

    However if you want to learn how to do it yourself, like a real boss, then download a vehicles pack, open it in OpenIV, look at the simple structure and examine the meta files. Very simple.

    Two drawbacks.

    1. It's a PITA
    2. Good luck troubleshooting 20 cars in 1 dlc if you make the slightest mistake.

    Or text tutorial


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