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cannot run on your pc

  • i am having trouble with even opening the files some have a piece of paper with the top right corner bent and i try to open it and it then says this app cannot run on your pc and ive tried doing everything but still no luck i have all the requirements as well please help this is so frustrating

  • @domdomdom969696

    I'm guessing your 10 years old or less?

    From your post's description I'm also guessing you're trying to launch a non executable file.

    The file with the bent upper right corner is called a text file. You just can't double click it and expect it to turn into a mod. These files require love. You start by chatting with it, ask it how it's day is going, if it wants some coffee, rub its belly, you know ...small talk and small acts of kindness.

    Try that and the files with the bent corners will eventually mature and morph into adult executable files. Be patient and loving.

  • why are you such a dumbass im 21 first off and second i got it from this website so quit with smart ass comment how damn childish are you

  • @domdomdom969696

    😂 what files exactly are you trying to open/run?

  • A nerve was broken, I see!

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