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C# : How to do a Seatting animation with a weapon

  • Can someone know How i Can animated a ped Seat with a weapon like (idle with weapon but Seatting on the bench )
    Weapon would be a prop?
    like thise exemple

  • @MikeBoma you create both animations. One sitting and one with the weapon. This is easy to do in Menyoo, just use the same animations with c#. Or, as you wrote, just give them the prop, through code or menyoo.

  • @JohnFromGWN , I know but , i wan my ped hold his weapon like he hold it when he is stand-up
    Like this exemple, this is a Seatting animation info from heliLayout.meta and i wan that my ped Seatting and holding his weapon like that

    this is what i'm talking about

  • @MikeBoma

    Try something like

    amb@prop_human_seat_chair@male@generic@base", "base";
    anim@deathmatch_intros@2hsniper_riflemale", "intro_male_sr_b"

  • @JohnFromGWN sorry to be so long . The vehicle.meta doesn't allow ped yo Sed with an assault riffle inside car
    I wan to creat a prop rifle thant i Can attach to righ hand

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