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Need help - stuck at startup loading screen (infinite loading)

  • I'm brand new to GTA V modding. I just started my attempt to add some mods. I followed the instructions of this highly detailed and very informative video

    . (Just to note all mods I will mention are mods that have been downloaded from this site). So in my progression, I first downloaded and installed OpenIV, SriptHook V, and Menyoo. I tested everything in-game and everything worked properly. I installed one add-on vehicle. Tested in-game and everything worked. I then proceeded to the next section of the video tutorial, and installed Add-on Spawner, Heap Adjuster, Packfile Limit Adjuster, and GameConfig. I then tried to start the game and it resulted in an infinite loading screen every time. I don't know which step caused this problem and I don't know what to do at this point. Can someone please help? My game version is 1.0.2545.0 if that helps.

  • @jp615 said in Need help - stuck at startup loading screen (infinite loading):

    My game version is 1.0.2545.0

    Pirated version?

  • no.

  • @jp615 The reason I asked is because GTA5 has forced updates. Given you're new to modding, I'm guessing you're not aware of the reverting process?

    Anyway, your problem could result from dozens of causes. You might want to look at this guide:


  • I've had my game blocked on my firewall for a while. As a general rule, I don't update anything unless a problem arises. And that's for every piece of software I use. I'm on Windows 7 so not exactly current. I've had too many occasions where software updates introduced new problems in one form or another. I only have like 6 or 7 Windows updates that I installed manually because that's all I need on my particular system lol. I spent years playing GTA V on my old roomates PS4 so I don't really care about updating the game and I have never played online and don't care to. I just want the story mode and just recently decided to experiment with mods. I'm looking through your page now. I know for sure the problem is a result of installing the last 4 mods I mentioned in my post. Now I just have to figure out which one.

  • well I narrowed it down and it was soon obvious. The gameconfig file didn't match my current version of the game. So I replaced it with the correct version and it works now. I was overloaded with information when I was installing everything the other day. I didn't notice in the "older versions" folder of the gameconfig files, the gameconfig versions correspond to the actual game version as well. Thank you for your troubleshooting guide. I downloaded a shit ton of cars, so hopefully I can get them all up and running without too many headaches. Do you have any tips that I might need to to be aware of when installing tons of add-ons? I noticed that the HeapAdjuster had two versions; one with a 650mb size, and one that you can apparently adjust the heap size manually. I don't know what any of that means but I just wanted to ask if it mattered which one I chose? I only really plan on installing car mods, if that makes a difference. Thanks again for your help.

  • Also, when adding in tons of add-on mods, is it the best practice to run the game after the introduction of any new mod installed just to make sure everything works? I would assume that would be the ideal way instead of installing a bunch of car mods and then having one not work and you not knowing which one caused a problem, but man that's a lot of time spent testing lol.

  • @jp615 said in Need help - stuck at startup loading screen (infinite loading):

    is it the best practice to run the game after the introduction of any new mod installed just to make sure everything works?


    This is particularly true for scripts as they can be outdated, in conflict with other scripts, or just bad.

    Generally speaking, you shouldn't have issues with cars or peds. Exceptions would be very high polygon (large file size) cars or motorcycles.

    Mega maps like Liberty City should be tested first.

    With experience you will be comfortable installing dozens of cars or peds in one shot.

    The worst offenders, and I don't use any, are the visual mods. Beware of the QuantV mod as it was infected with a trojan that wiped drives clean.

    Also, avoid OIVs. Read more here.

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