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GTA V Keeps Crashing With Mods Please Help

  • To elaborate, my GTA V keeps crashing on the Story Mode loading screen where it will load for a minute before the loading circle freezes and eventually the game closes without any errors. The mods I have are Script Hook, Gameconfig v2699, Heapadjuster, Packfilelimit adjuster, and Enhanced Native Trainer. All of the mods are updated and installed correctly, I've played GTA V with mods numerous times in the past but for whatever reason now the game just doesn't work. I'm currently on the Epic Games version and I have deleted every mod and ran the game vanilla and it works perfectly fine. I have also tried running the game with only Script Hook and the Enhanced Native Trainer and it still crashed, I honestly do not believe it is an issue with any of the mods. If anyone has any known fixes I would appreciate it because from what I've seen this is a common issue however some people seem to be playing perfectly fine. Thank you in advance.

  • @DemetriusSamuel said in GTA V Keeps Crashing With Mods Please Help:

    because from what I've seen this is a common issue

    Crashing is a very common issue, but a game which runs in vanilla mode and crashes with only ScriptHookV.dll and ENT is strange indeed.

    I honestly don't understand what's going on in your particular case, and remote troubleshooting is definitely an imperfect process, but I'll suggest the following guide. Log files won't help here.




    Also, did you install any mods with an OIV recently?

  • @JohnFromGWN Thank you for your response and no, I have not installed any OIV mods recently.

  • @DemetriusSamuel small consolation perhaps, but the fact your game runs without mods definitely means it will run modded.

  • @DemetriusSamuel Also I have just checked those articles out and unfortunately, I already tried all of those potential fixes. Like I said before from what I've seen online this seems to be a common issue with the new update supposedly because I've modded before with no problems so this is strange to me especially since the mods in question are the most barebones basic mods.

  • @DemetriusSamuel yes absolutely, the new update broke tons of games.

    Try a different gameconfig mod.
    Next try a different heap, 2 are available.
    Make sure packfile is updated, it was.
    Also, remove ENT trainer, and native trainer if installed, and run only with dinput8.dll and ScriptHookV.dll.

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