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OpenIV the rpf destroyer

  • There was a time when I was editing my addon peds, OpenIV was crashed and corrupted the entire rpf. Luckily though I had the most of the modified versions of peds backed up.

    Once upon a time also I was wanted to delete the language files for my addon cars because most of them were wrong and that was caused emptying content.xml and setup2.xml of some dlcpacks. Funny thing is these dlcpacks I wasn't even touched, they weren't even car dlcpacks... and OpenIV wasn't crashed either.

    But what about now? Well I was installed some textures from a graphic mod and a few timecycles to try. I launched the game, got, err_zlib2 error. Figured the mod I installed was fault and went ahead and reverted back. Results? Still same...

    Then I throughly checked the files and all of them had some size. I was initially suspected the emptying shit happened again but back in that time the .xmls that were emptied had their size showing 0.

    So it can't be that right because all of them have normal sizes. Well not. When I started opening them, every single text files, xmls, metas, you name it, that I was edited before (doesn't have Encrypted tag next to them) got fully emptied...

    Here have a look at this, especially you open shit team!

    alt text

    alt text

    These 2 images are mere fractions of the actual amount of files that got emptied !!

    Luckily at least I have these files still in my hard drive and I will just look at the fraked up version of update.rpf and see which files don't have ecnrypted tags, so I can replace them in the correct update.rpf.

    Here is my sincere suggection for you, stay the frak away from this openshit as far as you can... Because this shit is on another level, if it was a dlcpack it would have been easier for me but an entire damn update.rpf??????? GTA 6 will come out soon but we still couldn't get a proper openiv, at the very least without major bug issues yet...

    Edit: As I keep looking into the rpf, it looks like lots of files I was never touched also got emptied, lots of .ytd files are corrupted, and lots of .rpf files are also corrupted as well and unable to open.

  • @MissySnowie I'm sorry this happened to you but I'm also glad you both encountered this problem and wrote about it.

    I use @ReNNie's template for peds and honestly I have easily installed and uninstalled over 500 peds, streaming and normal.

    However twice problematic peds have crashed my game. On inspection, peds.meta file, like you was wiped empty.

    Thankfully I backup my multiple addonpeds folders and had recently done a backup. I generally don't backup DLC itself, but these are an exception.

    I guess I was lucky, only peds.meta was affected.

    I have no idea why a bad ped model would wipe a file, unless Quant was the author. Was he on OpenIV team? Jk

    As for OpenIV, what happened is regrettable but exceedingly rare. Searching for this issue will not return any hits, although I posted it once before. OpenIV is safe,

    Anyway that really sucks.

  • @MissySnowie

    Here is my original post, and interestingly, others did mention similar problems. I realize now in my case it wasn't the ped, it was replacing textures.


    We can't stop using OpenIV. All we can do is backups.

    Edit. I generally close OpenIV, the editor, before launching GTA5, although this is optional. Based on my post, I had closed it so in all likelihood the deletions occurred from OpenIV.asi and not the editor.

    Also your comments about encryption gone wrong point to that process, decrypt, encrypt, possibly going wrong. Ofc the meta files themselves are just text and not encrypted.

    I never checked the log at that time and either way it doesn't explain anything. Strange indeed.

  • @JohnFromGWN This is rather rare but heavily destructive bug. It's not ped or anything. Sometimes something just goes wrong and this happens, it can occur at any occasion. Drag and drop your dlclist.xml, add a new dlc in it, save and drag it back inside the openshit. If you are unlucky enough, say goodbye to your update.rpf ..

    I just never thought this could happen to update.rpf :( Of course it was my stupidity .. Many times I saw openshit was crashed while I was in update.rpf and nothing was happening. So I thought major files perhaps has a failsafe or something, but I see this was too much credit to give for a shitty as frak software...

    Anyways, I'm not in the mood nor emotion to talk much at the moment :( I will just try to fix the damage as much as I can. Luckily I have most of the files in my pc, I guess it's a good thing I always dragged the files to my folders and edited them there and left them there as a backup...

    After that I will install gta in my potato laptop and try a crazy shit. I never thought this program could be this much disastrous but now I have my belief is at 99% it can very easily be done effortlessly .. Will record it to video and upload here.

  • @MissySnowie Again I'm very sorry you had to go through this shit.

    You're an extremely advanced user so you're much more likely to discover these horrendous flaws in OpenIV than the casual modder, but I hope readers will heed caution after learning about your experience.

  • @JohnFromGWN Thank you so so much :( I couldn't figure out the steps to replicate this issue yet, it feels random so my best guess is something in the software's core is flawed... Like I go to timecycles folder, drag&dropping the timecycle files from my PC. Then pressing update.rpf on the navigation bar, and OpenIV crashes... Then I open it again, repeating every identical steps and doesn't crash .. but yeah, being honest, this program is far more from a safe use ..

    I hope so too, at least it sheds some light on others :(((

  • @MissySnowie it would be nice to have a tool that simply allows us to modify encrypted archives without a full blown editor. We would just use windows explorer and any text editor.

    My dream would be to use command line scripts to edit rpf and files like dlclist.xml which is contained in an rpf.

    We would no longer need OpenIV the editor, however we would continue to load addons with OpenIV.asi.

    Well maybe not. Openformats is a great feature. OIV is definitely not.

    Rpf explorer can replace OpenIV for some edits as well.

    Ofc T2 would probably shut any new tools down if they messed with encryption.

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