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Lore-friendly mods.

  • Are there any good, not broken, not outdated, and good quality lore-friendly car mods? Everything ranging from Vanillaworks to any of Boywonds cars seem to be outdated and broken. Everything else is some sketchy looking mod or just a bunch of irl vehicles that had their meshes ripped off of Forza.


    @Couchlander you registered a couple of days ago so maybe are still on a learning curve? They seem to be outdated? How so. Tried them?

    There's a ton of working Lore-Friendly mods that work perfectly fine on later up to date game versions.

  • Yeah I am very new here. Just recently got GTA 5 on my PC only for modding singleplayer. I have infact tested many of them (and I made sure to follow the installation steps correctly) but run into many issues. For example, downloading the Vanillaworks mod crashes the game, like many mentioned in the comments. I don't really know what else there is with that level of quality. (Also have I posted this thread in the wrong section? Just wanted to know bc I know forum communites generally frown upon it.)



    well maybe take recently updated mods first like

    Then slowly move on and fix things if they do make your game crash. I'm using most of VW stuff myself on 2189.0 as I'm no longer updating my game.
    And ofc make sure to use a gameconfig.xml that supports sufficient Add-On cars.

    I don't really see a reason why something like these would be outdated btw

  • @Couchlander

    Just to add to what @ReNNie wrote.

    What is your definition of Lore-friendly? The only 100% lore friendly cars are the vanilla ones. After that you have your pick of cars and motorcycles ranging from Alfa Romeo to Z1 (Kawasaki). There are thousands of mod cars that are lore friendly. In fact most vanilla cars are based on the original brands you will find in the mods section.

    What does outdated mean? Cars are not scripts. I have more cars installed than I can count and have never encountered an "outdated" one. Unless you mean a 1963 Ferrari 250 GTO? I'll take that any day.

    Finally broken. Unless your game is properly setup for modding expect it to crash on start, every start - and particularly with packs like Vanillaworks - if you haven't installed the necessary mods.

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