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Disabling Shadows from In-Game Settings

  • Is there any way to disable shadows from game settings? I really need to disable/enable it on-the-go instead of restarting.

  • @AHKEXE1 You can do it from underrated settings.xml file. (Which you can find in your Documents\Rockstar Games\GTA V)

    <ShadowQuality value="0" />

    is the value you need :slight_smile: If you go to settings later on, it should say undefined in the Shadow Quality tab.

  • @MissySnowie I know about this. I was asking if its possible to do it on-the-go from the settings menu, like mod my game to have it there the 'undefined' option, since we can add them back when its undefined so I am guessing its possible to remove them too.

  • @AHKEXE1 I don't think so. Doing this in settings.xml is kinda an exploit/glitch type way anyway since game doesn't allow turning off shadows entirely.

    Maybe a mod can do it, I don't know any but if inpracticality isn't a problem for you and if you don't mind the weather itself, it is also possible to duplicate a weather for example w_clear.xml , rename it to another weather (prefarably one you don't use, ie: w_snowlight.xml). Then modify the shadow values in there to remove the shadows or making their distance 0. You also need to modify weather.xml as well to make Snow Light weather act like Clear weather.

    Once that is done, you can switch to Snow Light when you don't want shadows and switch back to Clear when you want them back again.

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