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How to make spinning turbo fan like Kanjo?

  • Hey, so i recently made a turbo as modification on my car with Kanjo's part.
    In game, it's fan doesn't spinning like a Kanjo, I try importing and exporting the working fan, but still no luck.
    Is it because ZModeler 3 (mine is original 3.2.1) or something I don't know about "Child: 0" in OpenIV? Can someone give me some information about how vehicle_track2 shader work? Any help is appreciated.

  • @RAPJECT yes, i believe that's the case. your zmod is outdated and doesn't support certain animated objects

  • @drlq99 but I'm using original version and it's updated already from the website, what's wrong?

  • @RAPJECT The latest version was 3.4.1 at June. It might be even higher now.

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