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GTA V and VI's source code has been sold for 100k

  • Just rumors?????

    Report: GTA 6 Leaker Claims They Have GTA 5 GTA 6 Source Code, Wants to Negotiate Deal With Rockstar

    The GTA 5 Source code was just bought for $100k.

    Rockstar is taking down all leaked footage of GTA 6 and banning channels posting the content.

    Rockstar is getting blackmailed now for the GTA 6 source code, this is the wildest game leak of all time.




    Graphic looks like 2017

  • @JohnFromGWN They seem to have the worst possible security...

    They were hacked before and everyone playing online was getting system messages to subscribe to pewdiepie.
    Then they got hacked again and my account was stolen along with thousands of others, then they blamed it on me for not using 2FA.....
    and now they got hacked again and someone took all these stuff and now leaking them ..

    Such imbeciles .. They deserve this shit though, they think like they have a difference from all other game companies and it is somehow ok for them to stay silent for 5 years straight and then share a 1 and a half minute of trailer of gta 6 until a few months left to release.....

    Why not share us about the progress here and there without the spoilers? But of course not. and they are saying "Oohhh we are so sad, we are trying to do damage control now.". What kind of damage is that, it's not like someone leaked the most advanced systems info of a nuclear submarine... Just go back to your screens and continue with the game ffs... It's been what? 20 years you milked gta 5 online???

  • @MissySnowie
    The people who work for them are morons too.
    A 10 year old kid figures out a hundred email addresses by going into Linkedin and going through R* or T2 profiles.
    Then he sends out 100 emails to those employees with a fake password update/reset request, using a kiddie script, to all those addresses and at least 1 moron falls for it.

    The 10 year old now has the userid (figures it out from the email) and the password - he's now in.
    If the hacker is working with a group of hackers, they will place the blame on him if they get caught - minors don't go to jail.

  • Btw what do you guys think would be the system requirements of gta 6? Keeping in mind that it would be far better than the leaks

  • @BetterBrock They have to keep the requirements close to the lowest common denominator - because nobody is going to spend thousands of dollars to upgrade a PC just to play GTA6.

    Check some new games/recent releases and look at their recommended requirements, GTA6 should be similar unless it is released in 2032.

  • @JohnFromGWN as far as I see the graphics look like rdr2

  • @BetterBrock I wouldn't bother with the leaked videos, very unlikely graphics are optimized this early in the process.

  • GTA V source code leak would be the greatest thing to ever happen to this game.

    Imagine unfucking R*'s AI shitcode, god damn.


  • @Rstein said in GTA V and VI's source code has been sold for 100k:

    GTA V source code leak would be the greatest thing to ever happen to this game.

    Only for the devs were less stupid than R* and it would have to be in a country that doesn't have any respect or laws protecting intellectual property.

    Anyone else would be sued.

  • @JohnFromGWN cough Russia cough

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