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Issues with Menyoo 'teleports'....

  • So..., though I've found updated versions of Menyoo (the 'rehash' dlc update) still can't get maps of more than 7-900 objects to load w/o crashing the game, now 'teleports' are weirding out. Upon initial loading of a map, the teleports work fine. Not long after, characters can't activate them when walking into them. If they are 'vehicle enabled' you can go through in or riding a vehicle no prob. I also had the 'teleportals' mod on and thought that might be the cause of the conflict. Took that out and it still happens. Anyone else using Menyoo run into this issue?

  • It happens to me too, what I do is "clone" the npc I'm using, and switch to him, deleting the other one.

    The teleport will work.

    Annoying, yes, but I don't complicate my life.

  • @Fabito48hd That is about as 'inelegant' a solution I've heard, but not surprised after the last two updates. Thanks for the input, I'll try it out.

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