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My Scripts Folder Not Working

  • Hi guys

    The problem that I have with my modding is the all of sudden my scripts are not working despite me having scripthook v and scripthookvdotnet. The game loads and all but my scripts are not working at all, like I don't have any scripts on my game. If someone knows how to fix please let me know.


  • @HelpJomo said in My Scripts Folder Not Working:

    all of sudden my scripts are not working

    Act of god?
    Think carefully and you'll realize you edited or modified or added or deleted something.

    Nothing changes without a reason.

    Did you install QuantV?

  • @JohnFromGWN na I dont have Quantv

  • @HelpJomo I was kidding about Quant but serious about going back and checking what you installed. Try uninstalling the last dll or asi script mods you installed and check you didn’t delete scripthookv dot net files.

    You can also check the log files and look for error, or fail, or abort, etc.

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