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Deleted extratitleupdatedata.meta on accident.

  • I was trying to download mods, and I was told in instructions I have to edit extratitleupdatedata.meta and I ended up deleting it and I have absolutely no idea how to get it back, I cant play gtav without it! please help my game just crashes without this

  • @aggressivepoo never edit or delete this file - even if the instructions tell you to modify it. Not sure why they would ask you to delete it.

    Copy the file from the games folder to your mods folder.
    If you screwed up both copies and unless you have a pirated game, do a verify integrity to restore the file.

  • @JohnFromGWN What do you mean by copy it from my games folder I have two games folders one is called 'My Games' and the other is called 'Games' neither of which contain GTAV. Do I go somewhere in the GTAV directory or something? sorry I don't know much about games and files and stuff.

  • @aggressivepoo said in Deleted extratitleupdatedata.meta on accident.:

    What do you mean by copy it from my games folder

    When you edited the file, it was either in your mods folder or it was edited in the GTA5 game folder.

    If you deleted the mod folder file, replace it with the one from the GTA5 game folder.

    If you deleted the game version or both, do a verify integrity.

    Bottomline: when you use a Mods folder you will have duplicate copies of the files to edit as backups.
    If you don't use a Mods folder, you need a verify integrity.

    Sure you can download a copy of this harmless text file on the web, but remember that you don't know what you'll be downloading. Text files are not dangerous, dlls can be.

    Best to use legal versions of game and get your files directly from the developer.

    But don't take my word for it, ask Quant instead.

  • I did everything you told me to do and nothing worked, downloaded extratitleupdate.meta and i just dragged and dropped it in, verified my files, steam said everything is fine, but gtav still crashes, what do I do???????

  • @aggressivepoo

    There was no reason for extratitle...to crash your game. So likely you installed something causing the crash or you're not configured properly.

    Remote troubleshooting is not a science. I'll suggest this:

    Step 1. Start here. Important Mods Checklist

    Step 2. Read this and follow all the instructions. Troubleshooting Guide

    Step 3 (Optional). Read this and watch videos. GTA5 911 Help and Checklist

    Step 4. If you still have problems. Asking for Help on Forums

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