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[Script][Player] Mission Pack

  • Hi

    I was thinking about this mission pack for years.
    The story is inspired by movies like Training Day, Triple 9, End of Watch. It focuses on a par of dirty cops from LSPD, on the one hand they deal with criminals on the other they are selling stolen drugs to streets. Hazzard debts pushes our protagonist to more and more radical steps what leads to unintentionally messing with Mexican Cartel. There's also Mafia who wants to collect their debt money and on top of that there is also internal affairs department taking investigation on our protagonist and his partner.

    The scope of my idea is kinda big, but it's possible to complete for a team of people.
    If you are interested in this idea, you have some questions please answer here or contact me directly.
    There's need for coders, graphics, sound designers we will find use for everybody willing to join.

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