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same ped, different model?

  • I'm wondering, if possible, how to be a different ped but the same as a certain ped of your choice?
    For example, I have ironman mod installed and an addon ped (ironman suit), when I change to this ped I want to still be recognized as Michael ie. talk to his family, garage door to open and his gate to open and maybe collect money as him. Especially if I get a wanted level as Michael and change to Ironman suit ped, to still have the wanted level. Don't know if its possible as i've tried editing the peds.meta file but no success.

  • I think Character Swap can help with that, as you can play as any character you choose.

  • @-EcLiPsE- Yeah not with a mod, but changing game files in open iv, more reliable as i've already swapped out Michael's ped files with another and that works a treat.


    @-EcLiPsE- said in same ped, different model?:

    Character Swap

    Indeed, the Character Swap mod allows you change ped model, but then still set the hash of one of the main protagonists.

  • @Roguematt Unfortunately since most of the stuff are hardcoded to model names, the only way to be recognized as Michael is renaming the addon ped's files to player_zero (as you already did). and there isn't any other way in game files to make a secondary ped to be recognized as Michael :/ same goes for other 2 as well ..

    It's sad that so many stuff are model name hardcoded though .. Like only the vehicle that has it's name taxi can act as a real functional taxi and only the vehicle that has it's name fbi can spawn with 4 law enforcement peds inside... No meta or ymt edits allow this :(

  • @MissySnowie sad to hear, but thankyou for your accurate answer to the very question i've been asking, I'll keep thinking of a work around or something

  • @Roguematt You are welcome :slight_smile: If you ever can discover anything by any chance, please let me know :blush: I also would very much want to have this too :blush:

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