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Only two DLC add-on cars?

  • I have added two cars to GTA V. They work. it doesn't matter what they are, as long as there are only two of them. I have 8-10 cars that I would like to add as as long as I only add two at any time, I can use any of them. I understand there is a limit to DLC add-on cars that will work, but surely it's more than two...?
    I am wondering if the issue might be that I am using both the MenyooSP mod and the TrainerV mod at the same time. That all seems to work. I can pull up the menu for each one in game and it all seems to work. But if I add any more than two cars, it CtD every time.
    How can I add more than two cars?

  • @brettt777 You need a modified gameconfig. The amount of addon cars that can be added to the game is quite vast but yeah, you need to have a good gameconfig.

    If you are looking a simple and lightweight gameconfig, F7YO's is good. But if you plan on using heavy mods then you gonna need finely tuned gameconfigs. NVE has one included in it and it's free now, you can try out :slight_smile:

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