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ADD-ON WEAPON components

  • Guys, sorry if im post this not in right topic, so:
    I realize i wanna make a addon weapon from replace mod:
    (because i have another mod that replaces "carbine rifle")
    when i find the guide how to install addon weapon:
    so i used the ready to go .rpf from this pack for AR's weapon, and all working good, INSTEAD of attachments, like magazines , suppressor etc, i tried to make weaponcomponents.meta in the "ai" folder and past the all components i need for examle:
    <Item type="CWeaponComponentClipInfo">

    but its not working at all, when i open attachments menu in trainer i can just change the color (menyoo trainer)
    SO guys, pls help me to understand which file i need to add and where in my DLC.rpf, where will be all of the gun components!

  • upd: somehow i manage to make magazine appear, when i add it to weaponcomponents.meta, but still i cant change multiple magazines, like choose from "gunname_mag1" or "gunname_mag2", in trainer, so still need help :/

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