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Scripthook V error

  • I'm using two trainers - Menyoo and ENT. Most of the features work fine, but however, sometimes if I spawn saved bodyguards from ENT or switch radio songs from Menyoo, the game crashes. Is there any fix to it? My game is fully updated.

  • @BetterBrock I use '3' trainers ST, ENT and Menyoo at the same time. It should be a mess, but most times isn't. That's because I eventually learned each has it's good points and issues. ENT like ST, 'overrides' some functions of Menyoo (time, weapon loads, weather, etc.) Each trainer does similar and some extra things the others don't (Menyoo can control waves at sea or lakes, has broader controls of ped behavior/actions while ENT has more 'world' and 'weapons' options just to name a few.)

    The way I've gotten around issues between them is to use one for some things and the others for other things. I spawn bodyguards from ST or ENT (lately ENT has issues with crashing the game when selecting ped weapons or player sharing weapons. Waiting for that to get fixed.) I spawn peds from Menyoo when I want to program specific actions as it is easier and has more options than the other trainers.

    When using 'saved skins', I use Menyoo as they are easier to keep up with using named files and has much easier customization. I don't mess with music much, but I found it's better to use ST or ENT for that as they get updated regularly as Menyoo doesn't.

    Last and most important, when was the last time you updated Menyoo? You have to dig around for the latest version because Maffins bailed back in December '21. If you're still using that version, that's where the majority of your issues are coming from....

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