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Identify size of textures on addon car

  • Hi all.

    Can someone help me in the right direction of the easiest way of identifying if a car has heavy textures? I just assumed that looking at the size of the downloaded file would be the correct way, but after toying a bit with adding cars - it does not seem to be correct. I have tried adding a car with a somewhat decent size (under 20 mb) that and it gave me texture loss on the game, and then removed it and added another car of the same size or even a bit bigger, and that did not give me texture loss.

    Can someone tell me how I can identify texture intensity of a specific car, so I know which ones to stay clear of and which are friendly on the game engine. I assume its openening them in OpenIV or something along those lines?

    Thanks in advance.

  • bump :D

    Can someone please help ? :D

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