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Weird Error: "memory:$00000203ADC10000,22528,0:BgScript.rpf" Can't Load Story Mode!

  • I did a fresh install of the mods folder and reinstalled all my mods one by one (what a monumental waste of time!).

    The game still crashes on load with the last line of OpenIV.log showing:


    Never seen this before but found an old thread on this forum about this error: https://forums.gta5-mods.com/topic/17595/failed-zlib-call-error/26?page=2 which seems to refer to some rpf corruption but I have no idea which file/files it could be?!

    Can someone please help diagnose the issue? I've verified game files via Steam and everything is fine on that end. Disabling the mods folder loads the game but obviously without any mods. So it's something in the mods folder for sure.

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