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Problem with OIV mod

  • Re: OIVs suck and why you should never use them

    I've been having an unusual problem with a few different engine sound mods. First of all, I have many engine sound mods and almost all of them are manual installation and work fine. There are a few though, that for whatever reason, don't make any sound in-game unless I install them with the oiv they came with. I've made sure to look in the dlc.rpf, at the .awc files to make sure the names matched to the names I used on the vehicle.meta, so it's not an issue of a mismatch. But the problem is, the few engine sound mods that seem to require oiv installation to work properly, also seem to make the other not work (no sound in-game). So if I go in and install one via oiv, the other stops working. I've glanced at the assembly.xml and everything looks like the example shown in the article I linked. In these oiv's, there is only the dlc.rpf being added, there are no gameconfigs or anything else. Can anyone help me figure this out?
    The two mods in conflict are:


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