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How to use a multiplayer model without problems?

  • Hello, I'm not used to writing on online help forums but I thought it was a good idea. Here is my problem : I used menyoo to recreate my multiplayer model on gta v I went in "wardrobe" then I selected "multiplayer model" and I took the "freemod_01" I dressed it and customized it in the tab "outfits" of menyoo I saved it and I realized three major problems :
    -1 I use scripts like Single player apartments and garages (SPA II) or All In One Menu (AIOMenu) but in the case of this one whether I earn money or not it was putting me "you don't have enough money" and that bothers me greatly.
    -2 All the missions of franklin (the character I was using before switching to the multiplayer model) or his contacts disappeared. In short it's like having a new character without missions, currency and everything that goes with it .... And it bothers me, my main goal is just to be able to play with the model without missing missions, etc. like in multiplayer.
    -3 Also, when I start a fight or any moment, the game puts me in "passive" mode (the texture) but I can still take damage, attack NPCs, get stars, ... in short do everything normally
    To solve this problem I tried the following solutions:
    -restart my game : doesn't work
    -change model: doesn't work
    -use Character Creation Script to create my character and use it: not working
    -use an addon ped: doesn't work
    -use the other mod menu Simple Trainer to do the same as with menyoo: doesn't work

    So my request is the following: is there a way to solve my problem? That I can change my model but that the game identifies me as "Franklin"? (with its currency, its missions, ... in short you understood the principle)

    Thank you for your help and also I tried to detail a maximum my problem while remaining clear but sorry in advance if it is not the case, do not hesitate to ask me for more information, if you do not understand or if you want a visual support to illustrate my words.

  • 'Character swap' is the name of the mod i use. I think made from allocator?

  • @ralph-wiggum Very thank's you man !
    I love you , you save my game

  • You give me a reason to wear my cape today, so thank you

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