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Make ped go to a location, guard the location, and stay there...

  • I have a bodyguard ped (ped that is a member to the player's group). I want him to stay in a certain area and guard there. Here's my code:

    TaskSequence sequence = new TaskSequence();
    allbodyguards[i].AlwaysKeepTask = true;

    This will make the bodyguard run to the given location and stand there for a bit, and then he'll move back close to the player. I want him to stay there and stand. If there's an enemy, I want him to start shooting the enemy too.

    I tried doing the sequence.Close(true) to set the sequence on repeat. It kinda works, he stays there - but he won't shoot the enemies even if the enemies are shooting. If I clear his task, he'll start following me again but won't shoot the enemy anymore. Weird.

  • @nightmareexe You forgot to task combat hated, and/or supplied invalid (no) params to guard current position, so there is nothing for the ped to do besides the 1 valid thing that it's told/scripted to, which is to go/run to a specific set of coordinates

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