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Game gets stuck after mods. Specially at cutscenes.

  • I have a weird issue, after installing some mods, mainly the realism mod and some other scripts, I had bugs all over my game-play.
    Now I am in the mission where Franklin informs Trevor of the whereabouts of the O`Niell brothers.
    A Cutscene between Michael and Trevor then they move to the car and after that the Character switch to Franklin, And here my game gets stuck.
    The map is supposed to zoom out-up and switch to Franklins position and then zoom back in and a cutscene begins.
    My map only zooms out and nothing happens after that. Dead Stuck.
    Its not the only time this happens, Also When Franklin Went to check up upon Michael when he was in hide, Franklin just goes to the house and then nothing, No cutscene no nothing.
    Also At a side mission when Franklin was filming the Virgin lady for P, after his cover gets blown up, the game switches to the base view and then nothing, no instructions, the characters freeze except mine and no cutscene when P just runs and asks me to follow.
    I fixed the problem before by loading an old savegame and play the pin-pointed mission before playing the final mission in the old savegame.
    I tried to uninstall scripts and OpenIV, Scripthook and nothing happens.
    Please if you can suggest anything I am all ears.

  • I created this account just to try to help. Was bound to happen =p ... Anyways I am experiencing the exact same problem. I deleted the entire contents of the mod folder and the cutscenes work again. The only things I had added on were the P1 and C7 vette. Thought it would be nice to have a few decent cars (which by the way both work flawlessly). SO until we figure this out I'll just have to stick with just a trainer for a bit of an edge in the mean time. Hope this helps!

  • I have the exact same problem!! Cutscenes don't load and missions won't start due to it..!The character can't run, take weapons out or get into a car....! Even I tried the Realism mod.. Can u please tell me how to entirely remove all the files effected by it?? Thanks!

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