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Can we change tag of the mod? If yes, how?

  • Can anybody help me, after uploading a mod in gta5mods.com I cant change the tags.


    @H-A-R-D-I-K-07 correct, users can not change tags after publishing

  • @ReNNie Thanks. i thought so, cause i have seen some mods whose tags changed

  • I remember uploading JM36 Lua Plugin and selecting all of the correct/accurate tags, only to later on discover that for some reason it ended up having the wrong tags (though someone ended up fixing it I guess); I've also discovered some (at least one) scripts that show up whenever people search for Lua, that have nothing whatsoever to do with Lua, such as that asi blinker script that has no download or anything pertaining to Lua, it's a bit annoying

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