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increase tyre grip at start on handling.meta

  • Hi at all, i trying to create a handling.meta file for a dragster top fuel, but i found some difficult on tyres grip at start. A top fuel dragster can reach 360 mph in 3,6 sec......
    I just tryng to set fLowSpeedTractionLossMult to 0,00 but the tyres grip is not enought , than i tryed to decrese to -0,10 , -0,20 but the starting grip doesn't change.
    Please, there are other parameters i can edit for a bettere traction and grip at start ?

    Thank you so much guys

  • i can try to send you one handling and you can test it out and see if its good so you can take some information for that :heart:

  • @Akihara thank you so much, yes pls if you can send me and handling like this i very appreciate, thank you so much again 😊👍

  • @Animale check your pm

  • @Akihara Thank you so much, next week i will try it. 😊👍

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