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Addon cars with no radio

  • There are some addon cars that have no radio. I was wondering if there was any way to go in and edit the dlc file for that car to give it radio functionality?? And if so, how exactly can I do that?

  • 2,000+ views and no answer. This doesn't look promising lol. I can't believe there aren't modders out there that would easily know the answer to this. Surely there has to be a line of code in one of the files contained within the dlc.rpf of any add-on car that determines whether or not the radio can be used??



    edit via CodeWalker

    alt text

  • @ReNNie Thanks. Where are the radio flags located though? I don't see anything that says RadioFlags in vehicles.meta.

  • I'm very confused because in all the files in contained in every dlc.rpf, there is nothing that says "radioflags". It's very easy to search using the word search tool. There is a vehicle class section. This article gives no indication of where the radioflags is actually located. I would message CodeWalker directly if I knew how but it doesn't look like you can search profiles on this forum.


    @jp615 I'm hardly modding the game nowadays but afaik it's not in the vehicles.meta

    you'll have to extract the modelname.yft using CodeWalker program to a xml format and then edit the radioflags and re-import, or at least I think so...

    Latest version of CW can be found in dexyfex's discord : https://discord.gg/codewalker

    some background information :

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