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Game crashes when trying to load story mode

  • Hey,

    Its been awhile since the last time i played story mode. So i updated the game and downloaded all the latest required things that you need for mods (script hook etc). Launching the game from epic launcher and clicking story mode, the game starts to load no problem there. But after like ~10 seconds the game just crashes, no message pops up.

    I did some research and tried "removing" dinput8 and doing so, the game works fine. Then i also did the same for the mods folder which again made the game work fine. My gta install is very "clean", only a handful of mods, so i tried manually removing all the mods i have installed one by one, and still, the game crashes when trying to load into story mode. Any ideas what could cause this? thanks

    Game version 1.0.2699.0

    Edit: Okay i checked rockstar launcher logs and it says Game exited with code 0xc0000005 (3221225477)

  • same here, same error code

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