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Is it a copyright violation if I make a video using the mode and upload it on YouTube?

  • I'd like to upload the game video on YouTube by applying the mode to GTA5. Can Mod Producers Sue for Copyright Infringement?

  • @rukaka No. If it would be like that, MxR Mods would be serving lifetime jail :rofl:

  • @rukaka
    No. That would be ridiculous. And if a mod creator does complain, then they’re ridiculous.

  • @rukaka You won't get sued for many reasons including the fact that the average 15 year old modder doesn't have the financial resources to pay for a legal team to sue you. Even if your channel is monetized the worst that will happen is a takedown.

    But the modders aren't the ones you need to worry about because they're the ones infringing copyright and intellectual property. Fact is the intellectual property of GTA5 belongs to Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc. and Zynga Inc., not to any modders.

    So, with the rare exception, the 3D models are the property of video game companies, the ones who own all the modded vehicles ripped from racing games and all the peds ripped from Tomb Raider, DOA, Marvel, DC, etc. The modders can claim rights but they don't have any.

    The exceptions are peds and vehicles made from scratch and scripts, so this where attribution should be given.

    Of course the content of your video is also critical. Post a racist video using GTA5 and you will likely get taken down.

    Unless your video damages the reputation of a copyright owner or causes loss of revenue, you are fine. Parodies can be an exception, just watch SNL to see how far they can push, legally.

    In passing, I have a non monetized YT channel, solely for forum help, that has infringed on the copyrights of huge bands like the Rolling Stones. I get a warning and the music is allowed. Only in one case, I think it was AC/DC, YT left the video but silenced the music. No legal action.

    This is just my opinion. For policy you can look at YouTube Fair Use.

    Permission is seldom required, but attribution is a courtesy.

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