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[RESOLVED] Reupload from another site

  • So there is this Russian GTA Mods site were there are alot of cars that are not released on this site . Now is my question if I may upload them here ? Like the Maserati Quattroporte , Aston Martin Rapide or a Maserati GranTurismo MC Stradale ... Many more cars but to many to mention . Can anyone help me ? Admin ?

    Best Regards , MrTuning2001

  • @MrTuning2001 wait for admin's response,

    my advice would be, if you upload the cars here, mention the oroginal authors name at the download page, and mention yoir name in special thanks, make it very clear, these are not your mods. you are just uploading , them. then you have a chane of mods actully stayingbon this website, otherwise if reported mods will he goine in a day or two, and you will endup with a grudge.

  • @FoxtrotDelta That's something I would always do , mention the original outhors , otherwise I'm going to feel sorry for "stealing" someone elses work . Thanks for your response :D What was this admin called again ? Rappi or something right

  • @MrTuning2001 Yeah it's @rappo , please help me further :D

  • @MrTuning2001 No they shouldn't be uploaded unless you've got permission from the original author to do so

  • @MrTuning2001 better not do it.

  • @rappo Oh okay thanks

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