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How hard it can be???

  • For a long while I download mods from here and yet people have the ability to convert 3D props to gta ready props, literally 90% of them or even more suffering from major incompetency when it comes to naming the files...

    • Why the numbers of ydd and ydr files don't match?????

    alt text

    • What kind of shitty file names are these??????

    alt text

    I mean it doesn't require even a basic knowledge to think "I wonder how is the properly named files look like, let's check how rockstar named these files.".....

    But since so many people can't even think of this;

    • The numbers of ydd and ydr files have to match together.
    • The properly formatted Diffuse Texture name should be ComponentCodediff_000_aColorCode. An example in this case would be accs_diff_000_a_uni ....
    • The properly formatted Normal Map name should be accs_normal_000 and for the Specular Map should be accs_spec_000 .

    They HAVE TO be like this, so when someone opens up the ydd file in CodeWalker or OpenIV,

    Instead of seeing an untextured model like this (and no manually Adding Texture from bottom right won't do anything);

    alt text

    They can properly see it like this;

    alt text

    So that we can check how the model actually looks especially when these people are also more incompetent to take a very simple screenshot under a sunlight instead of in the middle of midnight!!!

    So I hereby asking again, is all that that much difficult??

    And a small info; Pics I posted here are only for as an example and not directed towards a spesific mod so I'm not going to mention the mod name either. But you can just go ahead and download any accessory or a clothing mod you like, if you are not miraculously unlucky you will see what I mean.

  • People to this day don't know the basics, you didn't even mention vertex paint and such, imagine supplying a modded weather.xml because your model shakes in wind which is a second long fix

    However there's no need for texture/normal/spec names to match r* ones, there's no difference in-game unless it's a specific scenario (like using my MPClothes mod where for some reason using a wrong specular or normal name on lowr slot, makes them not show up in-game), sure it doesn't show the texture in OIV anymore but you could aswell rename the model and texture and it wouldn't show again unless you export it to open formats and rename the texture used to match

  • All the people with "skill" left to become patreon beggars while ripping models from other games and selling it as their own.

  • @HeySlickThatsMe Long fix? :D I don't know how to make clothes or accessories but even I can fix it in just a few minutes lol :sweat_smile: Which is I did so many times since I'm using an addon ped and time to time adding stuff to her.

    Like I said, game can read the textures, but that doesn't mean they should put stupid names on them. Since the screenshots can be very much misleading, I would like to just check the models with OpenIV instead of going on a boring installation process and waiting the game to be opened...

    I made a folder in my game directory which I'm always using it to put the files and check them with OpenIV.

    There is an easy way to do something and there is also a right and proper way to do it. Easy way might just works, but it can only work as good as how Todd the frog face Howard describes his creations :slight_smile:

    alt text

  • @HeySlickThatsMe
    "(like using my MPClothes mod where for some reason using a wrong specular or normal name on lowr slot, makes them not show up in-game)"

    Ugh! You said it. That only affects clothes with the 'whi' tag in them. 'Uppr's' and 'lowrs' are a wash unless you get one where someone 'did the math' and they load in no prob. Otherwise it's 'operation finagle' to get them to show up with a proper texture.

    I'm certain work goes into making these things, but I've been seeing more 'half-assed' work than solid these last few years. It's a shame to see people with the tools and apparent know-how, slap some $#!% together and say, 'done!'


    when you come across an upload like this, just hit report and state why; wrong naming of files in archive so we can take it down

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