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Addon car secondary colour

  • How to change addon car secondary colour? please help me

  • @Ju526738
    If you are talking about spawn colours:



              <indices content="char_array">
                27  <!-- Primary -->
                42 <!-- Secondary -->
                1 <!-- Can't remember -->
                156 <!-- Wheels/Alloys -->

    Refer to this chart for the values to use (27= Red, 42=Yellow, 1=Graphite etc).

    For add-on cars, & depending how the mod author has set them up, they may not have a secondary colour or the secondary colour may use another indice in carvariations.
    ie Sometimes the secondary car colour is set to the same as the wheels for example.

    If it's just a player vehicle:

    You can usually edit the colour using a trainer.

  • @a63nt-5m1th said in Addon car secondary colour:

            1 <!-- Can't remember -->

    Menyoo calls it Pearlescent as in a pearl finish. I think it only appears in the menu when you choose Metallic paint jobs. But I think in general it refers to the paint type, or that's what seems to be indicated by the native function.

    In script:

    void SET_VEHICLE_MOD_COLOR_1(Vehicle vehicle, int paintType, int color, int pearlescentColor) // 0x43FEB945EE7F85B8 0xCBE9A54D b323
    0: Normal
    1: Metallic
    2: Pearl
    3: Matte
    4: Metal
    5: Chrome
    6: Chameleon
    color: number of the color.
    p3 seems to always be 0.

  • @JohnFromGWN
    That's the one :thumbsup: Should have remembered that lol (modding alzheimer's).


  • How can add or on secondary colour using zmodller 3

  • @Ju526738
    I'm not sure, I've never used ZModeler. For that question, you'd be better off creating a new thread & mention secondary colours & ZModeler in the title. That, or tag/contact someone you know has used ZM3, like a mod author that creates vehicles etc.

    The comments section for any given vehicle download etc on the main site is frequented a lot more by people that know ZM3 than the forums here. Asking in vehicle comments might be worth a shot, or useful to figure out who to contact that knows ZM3 etc.

    Also, here is a google site search of gta5-mods for the keywords 'Zmodeler3 ' & 'secondary colour'. You might be able to find some info that might point you in the right direction if you hunt through posts. You can edit the keywords to search for different phrases if required etc.

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