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Addon props aren't loading in game using my own custom dlc pack

  • Hi, I've just made a map model with addon props, but in game the addon props from the ymaps aren't loading, only the props you can find in the game. If I'm using the dlc folder from AddonProps mod by Meth0d & Quechus13, the addon props are loading in game with no problem ( using the ytyp file made by me, not the one you can make with the tool from the mod) . But if I'm using my own custom dlc pack they won't work.

    Here are the content.xml and setup2.xml:

    I've made the two using the Dlc Meta Generator tool by Skylumz. I've looked upon other map models to see where's my problem, but I'cant find anything wrong with my content.xml and setup2.xml

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