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[First Ever] Knowledge bounty to extend map slod! Winner gets $$$

  • Hey guys! I've been searching for a while now, and have been unsuccessful! Similar to the post here: https://forums.gta5-mods.com/topic/30819/how-can-i-increase-draw-distance-of-ymaps/6 I've been trying to extend the rendering of the map. I'm currently using an equivalent of the no-boundary mod within a FiveM server, but when flying far enough out, it seems like the map slowly de-renders itself as you're flying away, so here's what I need:

    1. A way to continually keep the map visible at all times regardless of how far away you are
    2. Proof that you did it
    3. Instructions on how to do it. It can be as simple as a workaround using scripting, or modifying the game files yourself.

    But remember: I'm using fiveM so NO scripthook.net! First to provide proof gets $$$ USD to the paypal of your choice, but you must follow ALL steps above! DM me if you have any additional questions, or need some guidance - and make sure you comment on this thread - you never know how close another player is to discovering / posting the answer!

    Good luck, and if this goes well, I'll do more!

  • Here's some things I've tried to do but have been unsuccessful at:

    1. stretching the entities and streaming extents in the ymap file
    2. Extending the lod in hte ymap
    3. stretching the LOD values within the ytyp
    4. Using blender to update the .ydr model's metadata
    5. editing visualsettings.dat using some (but not all) changes to fields...

    Not sure where else to go from here, but if you have the knowledge, let's see it!

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