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Game save

  • Hey guys, I'm very new to pc/modding, getting by slowly watching the right tutorials :)

    Quick question, and maybe a dumb one, when I'm done on gta v, I save the game (I do have another person profile for 100% game) in the hope the cars I've added will stay in game, however they don't, im finding myself having to respawn the cars each time, which after making my garage look the way I want is frustrating in its self.

    Any advice will be greatly appreciated :)

  • You might need the persistence mod or something like that. I dont use it but hopefully someone with more knowledge will stop by here with an answer

  • What do you mean they don't stay? If you have spawned them for a story mode character then they will save in the same way that any vehicle saves; you need to save them in the characters garage before saving your game. If you just leave it in the street and quit the game then it wont save. If you're lucky you may find it at the police station like other modified vehicles, but thats not guaranteed.

  • Are you sure you've saved it in the right way?

  • @Honey04 Is there a wrong way to save?

    There are only 4 ways to save the game. From the phone, autosave, pause menu, and from the prompt if you attempt to close without saving first.

    All work as long as you don't crash or ALT 4 or power off during a save.

    This is a persistence issue. Either you use a mod as @ralph-wiggum wrote, or you save in the garage as @ItsJustCurtis wrote, or you spawn with a simple C# script which allows you to save whatever you want.

    Cars disappearing/despawning

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