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Replacing Vehicles with different file name ie (replace Police2 with Police file)

  • Hi all,

    If I install a vehicle and all the files are ‘Police’ and I want to replace the Police2 vehicle….

    Can I just change the files to Police2?

    Do I need to edit either the Vehicles.meta or Handling.meta at all?

    Is there anything else that needs to be changed?

    Are there any mods to make it easier/ more organised. I used Modding DLC Pack by Albo1125 previously, but unsure if it still works or if there are any alternatives.

    Looking forward to getting back into it so all help is appreciated.

  • Hi you can get a pile of slots for different emergency vehicles if you use LML extra slots.

    Hope this helps
    Regards Jonny

  • @RazzleDazzle
    At it's simplest, yeah, you can just rename the files & use them to replace any vehicle. Test that & see, if you don't get any weird visual issues or crashes, you are probably fine.

    Main '.meta' files to concern yourself with:

    Base handling values are not the same for every vehicle, sometimes it works, but a lot of the time you need to replace the handling for the car you replaced to get it to handle right etc. If the vehicle has weapons, you'll need to copy the data also, so it knows what weapons to use. Also the 'strModelFlags/strHandlingFlags/strDamageFlags' values can sometimes be important.

    Same with vehicles.meta data, sometimes it doesn't need changed, but in other cases & especially if you encounter visual issues/issues when the car is destroyed (like the parts fly all over the place but still connected etc)/crashes/layout issues (ped sitting in wrong possition etc), it needs to be replaced also.
    vehicles.meta data also contains engine sound used (audioNameHash), spawn frequency, vehicle flags & such.

    If the vehicle has any modifications/upgrades you'll need to copy the carcols data over.

    same as carcols, if upgrades/modifications you'll need to copy the data over (or at least the '<kits>' data anyway). carvariations also controls the spawn colours & plate/light/siren settings.

    These usually need to be copied over, but can be somewhat complex if replacing a vanilla vehicle, as you need to copy each section into the right place within the file.
    If just starting out renaming vehicle files & replacing other vehicles, I'd probably avoid vehicles that have have a vehiclelayouts.meta until you are more confident with '.meta' editing.

    Generally, if the data is available, it's best to copy it over to avoid issues, but you can usually get away with not doing it if the vehicle isn't too complex.

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