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Can't use ANY (addon) map mod without unexpected game termination.

  • This is very confusing. I can not find any solution to this. I've been to probably over 50 forums and NOBODY has helped me. What am I doing wrong????????

    Whenever I download and TRY to play my game with a map mod installed, like the mod Map Fixes for say by Alex106; my game seems to run as normal and play well. Then SUDDENLY, after about 20 minutes of play time, the game just CLOSES outputting NO error on anything but the Rockstar launcher. Here's the only error that outputs in the Rockstar launcher:

    [2022-010-22 10:00:17.063] [ error ] [13916] [crashdetection] exit code 0x1 indicates an unexpected game termination

    Then I of course do not run into this crash with any addon map mod installed.

    If anyone has a possible solution, or anything that might possibly help, PLEASE TELL ME!!!!! Thanks..

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