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My game crashes even with the files that prevent it, please help me

  • Hi, I have a problem, when I play, sometimes my game freezes (for example when I kill cops in a fight or when I'm driving) for a few seconds (from 1 to 3) and then closes by itself as if I had done Alt+F4. I have in my game directory GTAV.HeapAdjuster.asi - HeapAdjuster.asi and HeapAdjuster.ini - PackfileLimitAdjuster.asi and PackfileLimitAdjuster.ini - Gameconfig for more mods. Does anyone have a solution?

  • Hi friend.

    Try another updated Gameconfig and see if you still have problems.

  • I did thorough testing, turns out that even with a fresh install and ONLY the latest scripthookV and nothing else except Heap Adjuster and Packfile Adjuster, my game crashes after about 5 minutes which is caused by the Heap Adjuster and Packfile Adjuster mods (because it won't crash when I remove them). Super Lame, cant play modded gta anymore :(

  • @Danger2k said in My game crashes even with the files that prevent it, please help me:

    and nothing else

    You can't load any addons without OpenIV.asi.

    Do a verify integrity because it's very doubtful the heap and pack mods will do any damage unless you played around with their values.

    If nobody else is experiencing your issue, I mean assigning the blame to those two mods, it is your setup that is at fault.

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