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How do i make add on cars with sounds included.

  • How do i make add on cars with sounds included. From what iv'e tried the car spawns in silent. I changed the name and the audio waves work fine i've tested them in a car that works. What am i missing?

  • @Retro_Needs_Mods
    Have a read of the engine sound tuts at the top of my profile page if you haven't already. :thumbsup:

    Start with this one & then once you're comfortable with hex_hashes & accessing & navigating '.rel files, move on to this one (which covers everything you need to know to create your own add-on engine sound dlc. Including a pre-made working Add-on Engine Sounds Base Folder DLC that you can download & use as a base for the engine sound dlc you create).

    If the audio dlc stuff is the complicated/unknown part for you, but you are confident with creating a vehicle add-on dlc, add your dlc add-on vehicle & files to the example Add-on Engine Sounds Base Folder DLC I provide in the second link/tut (& then rename things, if needed etc) rather than the other way about, that way everything you need will be in the one dlc without you having to battle against variables & create parts of a dlc you are yet to fully understand/be confident of etc).

    Give me a shout, if there's anything you don't understand or isn't clear in the tuts etc. The overall process isn't too complicated, but can be a bit time consuming initially & take a while to get your head around how it all works etc. :thumbsup:

    Alternative Method:
    Another way would be to download someone else's add-on vehicle that includes it's own engine sound inside the dlc (like this one) & use that as a base for yours. Then, it's really just a process of replacing files & renaming things within the dlc, as the entire structure & layout of the dlc is already created etc.

    Any issues doing it that way, give me a shout also :thumbsup:

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