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Bik files for the TV.

  • Does anyone know what are the limitations when creating bik files?

    I keep downgrading the resolution, bitrate, and length of the videos I am trying to replace the TV shows with, but any bik show I replace in my mods folder just makes the in-game TV screen turn black.

    If I switch channels back and forth on the in-game TV, the next vanilla show will play, but mine are a black screen.

    Files are coming from h264 MP4, to bik. (And they play fine with bik player after convertion.)

    ASny suggestions? (I'm using Rad Tools to convert.)


  • For tv-clips: 640x360, 29.970fps, max. bit/datarate 400000, audio 22050
    And for the 3 theater-movies you can even go as high as 720p/544p: 1280x544, 29.970fps, max. bit/datarate 800000, audio 22050

    The black screen is cause the game can't find a keyframe.
    If you have at least 1 keyframe at the beginning of the vid then you can change channels and switch to it, but you'll always start at the beggining of the vid. the switching isnt dynamic, the game only tries to round foward or backward to video keyframes.

  • @llennellv3 dude i also had this problem. the thing is that you must be trying to switch the channels with the game menu that opens in front of the tv. you dont have to do that. just go to menyoo, misc options, tv player and try there you will see many options. now just keep on switching the channels from the menu to see which one is yours. but make sure that your tv is on. hope that helps

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