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Persistence ll not working

  • I followed the games and graphics guide on how to install. I also have all the requirements for this mod, but it isn’t working. Please help me figure this out. Thank you. The error message is :

    Unhandled exception in script “persistence.Persistence”!

    DirectoryNotFoundException at System.IO.Error.WinIOError(Int32 error code, string mabeyFullPath)

  • @Nico_Legend strange. games and graphics is my #1 go to guy for gta v mod tutorials. i tested persistence ii and it worked fine but i don't use it on the regular. what game version you using? i assume you re-loaded your scripts by pressing the insert key. hopefully the experts will know how to fix your problem.

  • I did not try to re-load my scripts, I will try that. My gta version is from epic games and it is

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